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“If our fearful minds only represent 10% of us yet take up 90% of our time, what is the other 90%?

I believe it is our being, our essence, our extraordinary capacity to tune in to our hearts.

The very source of love. Imagine what life might be like living from this 90%?”

—  Denise Leicester —

432 LOVE

Soul Medicine’s 432 Love Tracks help us to bypass the minds habit of clinging on to fear.

Instead, it allows us to access the heart’s energy of love, that pure, eternal and undiluted essence of our being. This gives us a greater chance to approach life without getting caught up in the distracting and unnecessary.

Two of the tracks (Being Loved and Being Lifted) focus on the Sanskrit sound ‘ma’ , the healing syllable known as the Hridyaya. This is a very pure and sacred sound that awakens qualities of love, such as patience, kindness, truth, healing, sweetness, forgiveness and vulnerability.

All of these tracks have been created to promote greater love in your life.

Being Held




This track vibrates to the resonance of pure love. Listening to it immediately activates our ability to self-nurture and nourish. If you want to dissolve fear, put things into perspective, relax your central nervous system and feel safe, this is a song of reassurance. It will carry you through difficult times. It holds a soft, maternal power, which gently rebuilds the fire of your soul.


The Doctors Say: This track instigates profound positive changes in both the body and brain. After listening to it, live blood cell analysis in all patients showed an increased uptake of oxygen and improved performance of both red and white blood cells – all indicating an enhanced immune response and a greater ability to cope with stress. Blood pressure also significantly dropped. Brain wave assessment demonstrated a marked increase in the theta, lo beta alpha and delta waves: reducing stress, improving immunity and balancing hormones.

- To aid sleep
- Following loss or bereavement of any kind
- Support post trauma
- To help sooth unsettled children
- Ideal for deep relaxation in times of great stress

Being Loved




This gorgeous track opens your own reflective heart to the universal energy of love. Its utterly divine harmonies uplift and inspire; it is truly irresistible.

The Doctors Say: This track shows a marked increase in delta, theta, alpha and lo beta waves in the brain. Together these brain waves are responsible for us being relaxed, day dreaming, feeling happy and being creative.

- Support for conflict resolution
- To help with connection to others
- When lacking in energy or feeling lacklustre
- Ideal for deep relaxation in times of great stress

Being Lifted
Being Present



This track transcends and opens our heart to the vibration of pure love, to letting go and being uplifted. It guides us from our heads to our hearts, into giving and forgiving, kindness and empowerment.

The Doctors Say:  This track demonstrates a marked increase in theta waves and also alpha which is consistent with relaxing the central nervous system. It is particularly effective on the hormonal system. This in turns increases our ability to get back in touch with ourselves and be joyful. Our mood is literally uplifted. Indeed, hormones are balanced to such an extent that this track is specifically recommended for those suffering from post-natal blues, or indeed any kind of low emotional state.

- To boost confidence and increase energy
- Post-natal blues
- Times of hormonal change (puberty, menopause)
- Ideal to lift spirits on any day, on any occasion




Mystical and enchanting, this track brings you into the present moment. It is an invitation help you let go of the past and not speculate about the future. It melodious subtly and strength of harmony takes you out of your head and into your body so that you can palpably feel your inner essence.

The Doctors Say:  This track stimulates the theta, delta, lo beta and beta brain waves, which improves focus and mental clarity, creativity and relaxation. An Increased lo beta is consistent with an improvement in auto immune and neuroendocrine functioning and our ability to cope with stress and build resilience.

- When feeling scattered and unable to concentrate
- To build resilience
- Ideal during or after periods of illness


These dreamy sounds are the perfect preparation for the deep sleep we all crave - that knock-out, comatose feeling that nourishes the brain and the body. This meditative journey relaxes you on a profound level, allowing you to drift and dream through your conscious and subconscious mind. Perfect for long plane journeys; plug in and tune out.

Track List:

All melodies and lyrics sung by Denise Leicester are traditional Sanskrit mantras. All other music composed, played, produced and engineered by Tom Simenauer.


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