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Release, Relax, Unwind


The sensation of sound is one of our primal senses: the first developed in the womb, and the last lost when we die.  Hearing has always been essential for preservation and health.  Noise has the power to relax, alert, soothe, inform, and transport us.  It can trigger, express and change emotional states.  But in today’s world how might we use sound to improve performance, increase inner harmony and reduce stress levels?

Doctors Cori Carter and Lesley Parkinson have shown that the clinical benefits of listening to Soul Medicine’s 432Hz music.  432Hz music has been acknowledged as the frequency of harmony and even the fundamental ‘heartbeat’ of our planet.

Biological effects after listening to Soul Medicine music


An active immune response under live blood analysis with increased white blood cell activity, enabling the cell to fight pathogens, which is in turn indicating a positive physical response to stress. Also, improved red blood cell circulation, leading to

improved oxygenation. Improved functioning of specific organs (measured using Introspect Bio-resonance cellular stress evaluation testing) with measurable improvements including a 33% reduction in cellular stress of the liver and gall bladder.


Improved ability to adapt to stress, measured using changes in heart rate variability and detected with Max Pulse testing, which evaluates autonomic responses.


Each track has a positive effect on the brain and central nervous system promoting relaxation, changing stress patterns, enhancing sleep, regulating immunity and improving focus and mental acuity. 


Please see each Soul Medicine Track for further information on its benefits.  

To learn more about 432 Resonance - see here

Beyond these benefits, listening to the harmonic intonation of nature is beautiful, resonating inside your body, releasing emotional blockages and expanding consciousness to find balance, harmony and peace. Tuning in to the innate and ancient knowledge of the universe in a more intuitive way, it is light, easy and simple way to adopt the frequency of happiness that
benefits the planet and all who live on it. And the best news? All you need do is press play.

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