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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration“

Our Story  —  


Soul Medicine is the heartfelt work of yogi and sound healer Denise Leicester . Her collaboration with Tom Simenauer is intended to promote a next generation science based music medium, one which is easily used in the everyday to promote greater wellbeing and cellular balance simply through listening. 

Denise Leicester

Sound Therapist, Singer, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Nurse, Aromatherapist, Spiritual Philosopher, Founder of skin and heart care brand ila.

“I fell in love with yoga when I was 13. It has been the rock around which my life

revolves ever since.  Vipassana meditation, Kriya Yoga and Hatha Yoga are the

blessings I am eternally grateful for. I lived in India for many years (I learnt so much) and once, when I was in deep meditation and very relaxed I saw my soul as a beam of light on a journey. I was not sure from where I came, nor where I was going, but in that moment I became acutely aware that this time on earth is very short, that it is part of the journey of the soul, and that the only one desire of my soul is to bring joy on earth…every second, every day – life is so precious, we must not waste a moment. As I came out of this experience I initially thought it was MY mission but as time goes on I realize it is the simplest truth in all of us – we are all souls on a journey and we are all here to express and share joy with each other. We are here to help each other. I believe Soul Medicine is a portal of our souls longing to be heard. I hope it will indeed bring joy and peace to many, many people. I hope it will speak to you.”

Tom Simenauer

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Producer.  All music is composed, played, produced and engineered by 'Tabla' Tom Simenauer.

One of Britain’s most talented alternative musicians, Tom’s love of singing kirtan, the universal song of the soul, began in the early 1990’s. Based on ancient chants, with its roots in India, and often sung in Sanskrit, Kirtan and the magic of chants, are a joyful way to meditate and connect you with the divine, whatever that may mean to you. “Kirtan contain powerful and transforming energy, a means of finding you way back to your core, to our connection with each other, and to our hearts,” says Tom. For many years he toured across the UK and Europe, learning that Bhakti practice (which literally means homage or devotion) is about the heart and that music is merely the tool to express devotion to the Highest Self.  His music has supported teachers from many spiritual lineages,  including the likes of Krishna DasCraig Pruess (Heaven on Earth Music)Bhagavan Das and Shiva Rea, as well as  many others lovely souls from India and UK. All share the same spirit of humility and stand on the shoulders of their teachers.  Tom’s Guru, Sri Haidakhand Baba,  emphasised the practice of mantra and karma yoga (selfless service) as the simple and best way to a meaningful life. Tom’s music embodies this same sentiment, and, if listen to with intent, offers a sacred journey straight into the well of the heart.

Joss Tratt

Singer, Healer.

“I have sung for as many years as I can remember, growing up in a musical family, singing was something I enjoyed throughout my childhood. I always wanted to do something with singing but never found my true calling until Denise invited me to record her Soul Medicine with her. I am so delighted to be part of something that feels truly to me like my purpose - healing through music. As well as music, I love being out in nature, I live close to the North Cornwall coast and find the sea captivating. I live rurally in Cornwall with My husband, 2 boys and various pets.”

Dr Zulia Frost

Dr Zulia Frost is a qualified medical doctor of General Medicine and Paediatrics, trained in Kazakhstan and holds a post graduate diploma in TCM and Acupuncture from Beijing University.   Zulia is a recognised pioneer in the field of Interactive Neurostimulation therapy.   She was involved in the development of the InterX device and worked as medical director at NRG to realise her vision of this advanced technology to become a standard of care in medicine & therapeutics throughout the world. Zulia’s passion for new innovative therapeutic technologies brought her to study biophotomodulation therapy at Weber Institute, Germany, where she learnt a new advanced application of cold (low) intensity lasers.  Dr Frost runs a training centre for therapists in the field of pain management, rehabilitation and energy medicine. She facilitates clinical and scientific research, liaising with universities, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and sports establishments across the UK and Europe.  She now works at ‘Health Hub’ UK and affiliated with InterX Technologies Inc. Zulia has accumulated years of experience, solid knowledge and has helped thousands making her personal contribution to the promotion of healthy life style and well-being. Broad training and understanding of East and West therapeutic approaches combined with many years of experience makes Dr Frost’s a true expert.  ‘I am passionate about new innovative therapeutic technologies and have accumulated extensive experience in both mainstream and alternative medicine. I enjoy learning, comprehending the subject and putting it all in practice. My goal is to bring this knowledge to get the best possible outcome in treating patients and educating my fellow therapists’. Dr Frost facilitated the testing of Soul Medicine 432 music through Dr Parksinon and Dr Cori Carter.

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