Inner Calm

Vetiver Meditation Mist

This mist is for those times when you wish to be still and touch your innate inner peace.  Vetiver  helps to dispel anger and irritability and soothe mental and physical exhaustion.

Meanwhile, sandalwood grounds us, and harmonising amber creates an atmosphere of comfort and support. Nurturing and grounding with a warm, smoky fragrance it provides the ideal space to contemplate and incubate.

Inner Smile

A Jasmine Meditation Mist

Ideal for those times when you desire inspiration and wish to attract positive change and new possibilities. Jasmine has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and mind, it is soothing and promotes pure happiness. The uplifting fragrance increases inner strength and energy; rich, warming sandalwood encourages expansiveness, and earthy, balancing amber envelopes us in safety.  Together they help promote a calm mind, increasing creative flow and awareness.