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Inner Calm

Vetiver Meditation Mist

This mist is for those times when you wish to be still and touch your innate inner peace.  Vetiver  helps to dispel anger and irritability and soothe mental and physical exhaustion.

Meanwhile, sandalwood grounds us, and harmonising amber creates an atmosphere of comfort and support. Nurturing and grounding with a warm, smoky fragrance it provides the ideal space to contemplate and incubate.

Inner Smile

A Jasmine Meditation Mist

Ideal for those times when you desire inspiration and wish to attract positive change and new possibilities. Jasmine has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and mind, it is soothing and promotes pure happiness. The uplifting fragrance increases inner strength and energy; rich, warming sandalwood encourages expansiveness, and earthy, balancing amber envelopes us in safety.  Together they help promote a calm mind, increasing creative flow and awareness.


Release, Relax, Unwind




Soul Medicine’s unique duo of ‘Medicinal Perfume Mists’ are about bringing you back into your natural, peaceful and happy state of being. Each mist delivers a tangible experience, one created using wild harvested, organic ingredients, all chosen for their ability to promote biological change and nourish the harmony between mind and heart. Designed to be used in unison with our music, they offer not just a light, easy and effective way to promote a spacious mind, but a direct path to each individual’s unlimited source of vitality. Soul Medicine’s mists speak the poetic language of the heart.  And of course the more they are used, the more effective they become, as the physical body remembers to return to its soulful home. Use before, during or after meditation, or simply whenever the desire for head clearance and heart nourishment calls.



As babies we are programmed in our DNA to ‘see’ with our noses (whilst our eyes develop), and throughout our lives an incredible 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell. Smells can make us feel good, uplift us, change our mood, take us into feeling, carry us back in time, soothe our souls. A billion-dollar perfume industry is built around this truth. Scientific evidence has suggested that memories triggered by odour are accompanied by greater activity in the limbic system than memories otherwise triggered by word or visual. The limbic system plays a major role in controlling mood, memory, behaviour and emotion. It is regarded as the oldest, most primitive part of the brain, known to be present within the brains of the very first mammals. The limbic system includes the amygdala, the subcortical brain structure linked to both fear and pleasure.  The amygdala works in conjunction with the heart, creating a symbiotic emotional whole – both contain thousands of specialized neurons and whilst much about the relationship between the two is unknown, one thing we know - the ‘brain’ in your mind communicates with the ‘brain’ in your heart; each is dependent on the other. And it is this brain-heart connection which lies at the foundation of what it means to be human. Scents, smells, fragrances: all travel through and are intertwined with the amygdala - this primary emotional area of the brain which directly talks to the heart. Interestingly, none of the other senses - hearing, seeing, touching- journey through this same mind map. This may well be why smell, more than any other sense, is so potent when it comes to triggering a response. Our sensory perception is truly rooted in the rich and mysterious context of our internal landscape. In stands to reason, then, that smell can be one of the most powerful tools in existence when it comes to mindfulness.


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